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  • Manufacturing capacity
    Scale determines strength, and strength determines resources.
    As a modern large-scale enterprise, after several years of rapid development, the production scale is huge, the introduction of foreign production equipment, and efficient production capacity. Continuously introduce new technologies, new processes and new equipment.
  • Product advantages
    Years of process precipitation · 5 rigorous production processes
    We use PS (polystyrene) as the main raw material, and add necessary additives such as toner, antioxidant, lubricant, etc. Under high temperature and high pressure, it is extruded through professional plastic wood extrusion equipment.

    · PS products have natural wood texture, high imitation wood effect and higher performance than logs
    · Mosquito proof, waterproof, mildew proof, moisture proof
    · Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, paint-free, can be nailed, sawn, and planed
    · Strong adaptability to temperature difference, climate, ultraviolet rays, etc., not easy to deform and fade
    · High temperature resistance up to 79.3 degrees
  • Service advantage
    Strong strength to escort the brand
    Dongxin is committed to building a "five-star service team" to provide customers with worry-free service for life, so that customers can feel the value of service. To provide customers with professional, efficient and considerate service
  • Branded advantages
    Word-of-mouth, witness the power of the brand!
    Dongxin has established an excellent reputation. It has been awarded numerous qualification certificates, including those for quality-trusted products, green environmental protection products, and AAA units for quality, service, and integrity. Aspiring to become a leading enterprise in wood-plastic material manufacturing, Dongxin has devised a series of standardized templates, covering everything from products and services to production and after-sales support. This comprehensive approach ensures that customers are provided with a competitive edge in a favorable business environment.
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    10,000,000 Ten million model market profit planning

    More than 10 years focus on direct sales of ecological wood-plastic engineering manufaturers

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    Dongxin Public Account

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